»Seminars: IFRS – Accounting«

10th - 12th March 2011 | Bucharest / Romania


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Dr. Frederik Boetius

Frederik Boetius studied actuarial mathematics at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and mathematics at the University of Constance, where he also earned a PhD working in the field of stochastic analysis. He joined KPMG in 1997 where he focused on audit and advisory work for clients in the insurance/reinsurance industry. As Partner at KPMG he currently leads the non-life reserving team of KPMG in Germany and is responsible for various projects related to the quantitative, qualitative and reporting requirements under the upcoming Solvency II regulation. He is both a member of the German actuarial association (DAV) and a chartered accountant (Wirtschaftsprüfer) in Germany.

Pieter Bouwknegt

Pieter Bouwknegt (1968), member of the Dutch Actuarial Association (AG), is head of ALM & Capital Management at ING's Dutch Insurance operations. After finishing his econometric studies he continued with actuarial sciences. Currently he is involved in IFRS-accounting, solvency and investment decisions. For the Dutch actuarial association and Amsterdam University he gives courses on risk management and market consistent valuation. He taught various courses for the EAA.

Stefan Engeländer

Stefan Engeländer, Diploma-Mathematician and Actuary (DAV), has worked since 1987 for several insurance companies in Germany, mainly with foreign background. He was appointed actuary and responsible for financial reporting under German statutory accounting, IFRS and US-GAAP. Since 2000, he has worked for KPMG, responsible for actuarial and technical accounting issues, serving as well for several large international clients.

Stefan represents DAV at the IAA’s International Actuarial Standards Subcommittee and is member of its Standard Drafting Team and of the recently established IFRS 4 Experts Team of the Interim Actuarial Standards Subcommittee. Within DAV, Stefan is a member of the Professional and the International Committees, of International Accounting Subcommittee and lecturer at the German Actuarial Academy for International Accounting.

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